On Thursday 6 February 2014, all of Year 8 spent the day engaging in a range of enterprise activities. Working in groups of 6, students began to develop essential skills for life such as communication, negotiation, decision-making, teamwork and risk taking.

Their challenge for the day was set by Theo Paphitus ( Stationers) and was based around developing an idea for a pencil case, which if successful, may actually be across shops in the UK.

During the day students had great fun preparing a sales pitch for their pencil case with the hope that they would get the chance to present it to the whole year group at the end of the day. Unfortunately only 8 groups could be chosen to do this and they performed extremely well in front of their peers – often a daunting task.

In the end, the winning group had an idea based around a vintage pencil case. The will now have to refine their idea to pitch at the national finals in July, which are in Manchester.

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