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Most Enterprising School

We strongly believe enterprise education is highly important in education and schools play a crucial role in helping promote enterprise as a life skill to help young people develop key skills to help make them more employable and entrepreneurial.

This award will go to the school that can demonstrate that enterprise education plays a big part in their school ethos. Please use examples in your application and provide links to any further information. You can of course, nominate your own school for this award.

Most Enterprising Teacher
Teachers nominated must be in attendance at the finals with their school.

As well as schools playing an important part behind promoting enterprise education. It is the teachers that really make the difference and influence young people to help develop their entrepreneurial skills.

This will go to a teacher who can demonstrate that they have a real commitment to enterprise education. Please include as much information as possible and if relevant any examples in your nomination application. You can nominate yourself for this award.

Most Enterprising Pupils

These awards will go to students who have excelled in this years competition and can demonstrate an enterprising attitude. Please include details and examples within the application entry.

  • Most Enterprising Boy KS3
  • Most Enterprising Girl KS3
  • Most Enterprising Boy KS4
  • Most Enterprising Girl KS4

Enter Your Nomination
(You can enter as many different nominations as you like, however please don’t submit the same nomination more than once – it won’t increase your chances)
Please Note: Nominated students and teachers MUST be attending the finals event.

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