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Chris Wust
Head Of Business
Kings C of E School, Wolverhampton

1619350_813889665333443_3778873602450629661_n“12 years ago I wasn’t a teacher, but a recruitment manager. It was a job I did for seven years. Over those years, I became dismayed that the young people that came to see me for work were ill prepared for the world of work. Now rather than moan or criticise people or the establishment I decided to do something about it. This is the reason for my decision to become a teacher and use my business degree to help young people.

“At the Kings CofE School, I was allowed to set up small enterprise initiatives which were very successful and raised large sums of money for worthwhile causes and give pupils a taste of entrepreneurism.

“But in 2013 I was contacted by The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge and realised they were like-minded people and I saw the greater potential of their challenge. Being able to give pupils who had not been exposed to any business or enterprise, and the opportunity to be involved a national competition was exciting.

“Over the last 2 years, #TNEC has given pupils in my school the opportunity to show off their entrepreneurial flair – no matter what their academic background or ability. The impact this has had on our pupils has been breath taking. They’ve been motivated, enthused and shown qualities that they never knew they had, like working as a team, leadership skills, presentation skills, all of which a lot of pupils struggle with.

“The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge has also had an impact on the department. We usually have about 35-40 year 10s choose Business as a subject, but since the introduction of #TNEC in the school, this has increased twofold.

“The pupils that have attended #TNEC have realised that they can create their own opportunities and be masters of their own destiny, and with 1.1 million 16-24 year olds unemployed, they need as much support and skills as we can give them.

“I can honestly say that the introduction of The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge into UK schools is the platform for which enterprise and entrepreneurism should be included in the national curriculum. The more pupils we can expose to enterprise, the more likely they are to create their own businesses, or be successful within established business, which can help the economy and the GDP of the UK.

“It’s a well organised experience, well resourced and exceptionally facilitated, so the schools have little to worry about or organise. The #TNEC teams come into your school and organise the whole day. Keeping the pupils engaged, motivated & enthused.

“The locations of the final and the whole finals day experience is truly a great day. I know my pupils have been blown away by the opportunity given to them. As soon as they arrive at the venue, their competitive spirit kicks in and it’s truly great to see, because it’s a competitive world out there, whichever career path they choose.

“So, if teachers or Head teachers from schools ask me if they should take part in The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge, my answer would be the same as Theo’s – “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”